Is Wi-Fi the End All, Be All?

Wi-fi is always touted as the solution to all your problems.  The good news is that for those of us who have split level homes, brick or steel reinforced construction and other heavy infrastructure, wireless will cut costs instead of pulling wire through impossible walls. By wire, I mean ethernet wiring from device to device to connect your network together.  However, with heavy construction you may encounter wireless issues.  As you may know, wireless communication sends packets of data (music or otherwise) – wirelessly through the air from a signal source to a receiver.  Anything that breaks up this signal will cause devices to not work properly.  Lack of connectivity will impact the ability of your home audio system to do the same.  SO before you go any further with whole house audio, make sure you consider the realities of your home and plan for necessary wi-fi repeaters or boosters. But as with all things wi-fi: if you can wire devices directly to your network, do so, it will operate as advertised all the time.

When should you always ‘go wired’?  For example, if your router is in the basement and you have 2 floors above that – and you can’t figure out why your network connection is failing on the 3rd floor.  Or you’ve got your router placed behind a brick wall and can’t receive data a mere 6 feet away on the other side of the wall.  Hard walls, height and distance contribute to wireless issues.

Deciding on how you want to use your music to be in your home and combining that with the realities of the house situation will lead you to choose the right products. Visit Ready To Play to see what products are available for your home audio.

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