Whole House Audio – Part Two

Form Follows Function in Whole House Audio Systems

Your home layout, technical infrastructure and existing audio or media systems have a big impact on the products you will choose for your whole house audio system.  Let’s start first with house configuration.

The configuration of your home is a big consideration.  I’ll provide more details in future specific blogs for each scenario, but generally:

If you have a smaller house, a wireless music implementation from Apple or single zone/speaker combo from Sonos will do the trick.

If you share a dedicated entertainment center/family room with a TV, then Apple TV is a great bet if you also use iTunes.

Many audiophiles invest in a dedicated listening room.  If this is you, then you most definitely want your digital system to interface with a digital audio converter (or DAC) and then feed audio to the stereo system.  More on that in another post.

If your house has a lot of rooms or areas to play music (family room, back yard, living room, kitchen, master bedroom) then you have multiple “zones” and you’ll want a multi-zone system like Sonos, Savant, or Control 4. Each implement their systems using either wired or wireless technology. Understand the wi-fi capabilities given your house configuration and decide if a wired or wireless implementation is the answer.

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